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Michael Hayden


Michael Hayden admits to being very interested in LIGHT. For more than three decades he has utilized and manipulated Light to be the most important and unifying constituent in all of his "Lumetric" Sculptures. He has had the pleasure of creating architectonic scaled sculptures in light, for publicly accessible sites on this continent, Europe and Asia that are measured in hundreds of feet and multiples of tons. Hayden has collaborated with Architects, Interior Designers, Construction (Civil) Engineers, Landscape Architects, Electronic Engineers and Technicians, Composers, Poets, as well as other Artists. He has also interfaced with Clients, incorporating their particular aspirations and concerns to develop unique "Lumetric" Sculptures that are readily understandable to people from all walks of life.
Michael Hayden resides in Santa Rosa, California with his wife, Kristina Lucas,(also a sculptor)and three of his children, Kit, Charys and Gaven + 2 birds & some fish.