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Kristina Lucas

1972 - 1974 Bachelor of Arts Degree, Fine Arts, University of California, L.A., CA.
1975 - 1978 Master of Arts Degree & Master of Fine Arts Degree, Sculpture, U.C.L.A. , CA.
1978 RAINBOW SERPENT, Preshil Preparatory School, Melbourne, Australia.
1979 SWARM, a reflective installation on Main Street, S.O.S. Gallery, Ocean Park, CA.
1981 "L.A.I.C.A. Sells Out", SWARM, AN INTERACTIVE DRAWING, Los Angeles, CA.
COCKATOOS, & PIANO, A PIECE TO PLAY SOFTLY, Fine Arts Gallery, Sherman Oaks, CA.
PENULTIMATE PIANO, "Artists Choose Artists", The Vertex Gallery, Taos, N.M.
1982 SEA LING, "Sols Voutes Espaces Entre-Deux", The American Center, Paris,France
SHATTERED, "Art and Survival", The Traction Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
L.A.V.A. (Los Angeles Visual Arts) Event, courtesy Traction Gallery, L.A., CA.
SUSPENSE, and QUINCUNX, "Interiors/Exteriors",Walker & Associates,Arch., Los Angeles, CA.
SHAKE, 4th Biennial Exhibition, A.R.C.O. Center for Visual Art, L.A., CA.
1983 ZOCALO, "The Magical Mystery Tour, '83", L. A. Municipal Art Gallery,Barnsdall Park, L.A., CA.
LANDING, "The Cotton Exchange Show", L. A. Contemporary Exhibitions (L.A.C.E.), L.A., CA.
1984 BUOY, "Architectural Concerns", Gensler & Associates, Architects, L.A., CA.
RAINING SMILES, Venice Art Walk, Auction, Venice, CA.
1985 SPINNER POLES, "Imagine Future Peace", Attack Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
1986 QUINCUNX, "Oakwood Artists Downtown", Waisler Studio, Los Angeles, CA.
1987 CECI N'EST PAS UNE MAGRITTE, Merging One Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.
1988 ASCENT, "Oakwood Alumni Artists", Gallery K, West Hollywood, CA.
1989 CHEVRON, Mission Arts Gallery, South Pasadena, CA.
1991 MAQUETTE FOR FLIGHT, California Arts Council Offices, Sacramento, CA.
1993 CUBE BURST II, QUINCUNX, and COLUMN, , COOP Fine Art Gallery, Occidental, CA.
CAUTION THROWN TO THE WIND, "Calif. Small Works", Calif. Museum of Art,Santa Rosa, CA.
1994 BROKEN HEART and LOVE LETTER, COOP Fine Art Gallery, Occidental, CA.
1997 HALE-BOPP-A-LOO-BOP, SonomaArtsCouncil, Next Level Communications,Rohnert Pk, CA.
1998 WINDOW PIECE, "Serendipity, Sculpture in Sonoma "Redwing Blackbird Gallery,Santa Rosa, CA.
1999 SKY FALLING, "Arborescence" Paradise Ridge Sculpture Grove, Santa Rosa, CA
GLASS CEILING, Sonoma Arts Council, Next Level Communication, Rohnert Park, CA
Events and
1978 FLYING GIANT SQUID, American CetaceanSociety Whale Festival 1978, San Pedro, CA.
1982 RAZOR RIBBON TORNADO, Sets for"Artemesia" , with Monica Gazzo, L.A., CA.
SOUND AS SCULPTURE AS SOUND, with Oakwood School, Barnsdall Park Theater,L. A., CA.
1996 GRAVITY ART FAIR, Sebastopol, CA.
1975 - 1978 Teaching Associate, Sculpture Department , U.C.L.A., CA.
1977 June - September, Artist Supervisor,Tujunga Wash Mural Project, Social & Public Art Resource Center (S.P.A.R.C.) Los Angeles, CA.
1978 July - September, Sculptor-in-Residence, with Kevin Borland, Architects
1978 - 1981 Member, Century City Cultural Commission, Los Angeles, CA.
1979 - 1989 Sculpture Faculty, The Oakwood School, North Hollywood, CA.
1986 - 1989 Owner/Designer, "Born to Dye" Shibori (Sculptured) Fabric and Garment Design Studio, Los Angeles, CA.
1993 May, Artist-in-Residence, Willowside Middle School, Santa Rosa, CA.
1989 - present Associate Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Thinking Lightly, Inc., Santa Rosa, CA (with Michael HAYDEN)
1999 Summer Excel Faculty, "Sculpture Jam", Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA
Corporate and
1977 M OCEAN, Marguerite Holub, Marina del Rey, CA.
EL CHORRO, Carl and Aviva Covitz, Los Angeles, CA.
THE SKY IS FALLING, University of California Associates Students, for the Health Sciences Lounge, Los Angeles, CA.
1978 THE RAINBOW SERPENT, Preshil Preparatory School, Melbourne, Australia.
1979 SHATTERED, Michael Hayden, Los Angeles, CA. - Santa Rosa, CA.
1981 FLIGHT, California Arts Council, Art in Public Buildings Program, California State Office Building, Van Nuys, CA.
1983 SKY SLICES, Helmsley-Spear of California, Inc., 770 Wilshire Blvd., L.A., CA.
1985 ETERNAL LIGHT, The Temple Beth-Hillel, North Hollywood, CA.
RED EMANATION (STOP AND REFLECT), Pep Boys, Manny, Moe and Jack, Inc. Los Angeles, CA.
1986 SKY SLICES II, M.O.N.Y., Inc., Los Angeles, CA.
1987 ANCHORED WEDGE, Mr. and Mrs. Mel Bilow, North Hollywood, CA.
1988 NATHAN'S CONTINENTS, Zell/Merrill Lynch, Inc., 60 Spear, San Francisco, CA.
1989 FLIGHT II, California Arts Council, Art in Public Buildings Program, State Office Building, Van Nuys, CA.
1991 ANFRACTUOUS LIGHT, Pacesetter Systems, Inc. (a Siemen's Corporation), The Siemen's Office Building, Sylmar, CA.
Private and
Public Collections:
1977 M. Holub, Marina del Rey, Ca.
University of California, Medical School, L.A., CA
Carl and Aviva Covitz, Los Angeles, CA.
Christina Schlesinger, New York City, N.Y.
1978 Preshil Preparatory School, Lower School Library, Melbourne, Australia.
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Hanson, Grass Valley, CA.
1979 Beatrice Tesdorpf and Kimon Bellas, Agoura, CA.
1980 Joanie and Sylka Zappola, Malibu, CA.
1981 Marlow Gregers, Pasadena, CA.
1983 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lanier, Encino, CA.
Mr. Mickey Gribbin, Beverly Hills, CA.
Pastel Restaurant, Beverly Hills, CA.
The Oakwood School, North Hollywood, CA.
1984 The State of California, Van Nuys, CA.
Helmsley-Spear of California, Inc., Los Angeles, CA.
Marvin Zeidler, Beverly Hills, CA.
1985 The Temple Beth-Hillel, North Hollywood, CA
Pep Boys, Manny, Moe & Jack,Inc.,L. A., CA.
Garfield Smith, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sharon Smith, Santa Monica, CA.
Dianne V. Lawrence, Los Angeles, CA.
Mr. Craig C. Tandy, Sherman Oaks, CA.
Patty Mac, Ventura, CA.
John E. Kaufer, Ojai, CA.
Wheeler Hot Springs, Ojai, CA.
Mr. Michael Eaton, Minneapolis, MI.
1986 M.O.N.Y., Inc., Los Angeles, CA.
1987 Mr. and Mrs. Mel Bilow, North Hollywood, CA.
1988 Zell/Merrill Lynch, Inc., San Francisco, CA.
1991 Siemen's Pacesetter Systems, Inc., Sylmar, CA.
1993 Peter and Sandra Phillipsen, Santa Rosa, CA.
Mrs.G. Town, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
1994 K. Nicodemus, Occidental, CA.
1995 Paul and Catherine Bernstein, Montpelier, France
1996 Karla and Neal Marlow, Bodega, CA
1998 Elfi and Marvin Chester, Occidental, CA
1999 Walter and Marjeke Byck, Santa Rosa, CA
Awards and
1969 Bank of America, Recognition Award for Art.
Bank of Gibraltar, Purchase Award for Sculpture.
1970 Jean C. Cook Scholarship Award for Art, University of Southern California, L.A.
1977 Ford Foundation Fellowship Award, for travel and study of Art in Architecture in Japan.
1980 California Arts Council Art in Public Buildings Award.
1981 Rockefeller Foundation/American Center Artist-in-Residence, Paris, France.